BERG Buzzy Yellow Children's Go-Kart


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Get your first pedal experience on a BERG Buzzy Yellow. This super cool yellow sensation on four wheels is much sturdier than a three-wheeler. Your feet remain firmly on the pedals even round sharp corners. The seat and steering wheel are adjustable for years of pleasure on your new four-wheeler! Recommended age: 2 years +. Are you ready to drive off? Features BERG Buzzy Yellow: - Silent whisper tyres (EVA). - The 4 wheels keep you firmly grounded. - Always in control over the pedals, even while steering. - Adjustable steering wheel and adjustable seat.

  • Silent (EVA) whisper tyres
  • Many years of use due to adjustable seat
  • Many years of use due to adjustable height steering wheel
  • Pedal controlled
  • Very Safe due to 4 wheels